Vivid Light Up, Safety Dog Collar (Rechargeable)


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The VIVID Safety Dog Collar is the ultimate flashing dog collar. Its revolutionary design is tough and durable but also comfortable for the dog to wear everyday. It is water resistant, rechargeable, and even has a light sensitive setting that automatically switches on when it gets dark. Like a normal collar but with extra benefits. The collar contains super-bright while LED’s perfect for night time use. the VIVID Safety Dog Collar has four light settings: slow-flashing, quick-flashing, permanently on, light sensitive mode (turns on automatically when it gets dark). For added visibility the VIVID safety dog collar also has luminous and reflective strips.

Price: $12.99

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  • Adjustable to fit neck size 14-18-Inch
  • Four light settings-slow flash, quick flash, permanant or light sensitive mode
  • Rechargable battery
  • Visible for 1000-Feet
  • Water resistant
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Vivid Light Up, Safety Dog Collar (Rechargeable)
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